PA General Board Meeting Minutes – Jan 2018

January 18, 2019 8:41AM 


Attendance: Board Members: Cheryl Bennett Davidowitz, Rebecca Solano, Doug Creps, Shari Greenspan, Melissa Burnazian, Katie Miller, Melissa Donovan, Lisa Procopio, Nisha Lima, Dara Cremin, Isa- bel Vaz Pires, Stacy Cousino, Lelia Brihami 

Guests: See attached attendance sheet 

Quorum was met 

Called to order by Cheryl Bennett Davidowitz 

Board Minutes 

As the first item of business, a motion was made to approve the Board Minutes from the December 2018 General Parents Association Meeting. The motion was approved. 

Rock Night 

As the second item of business, Bernie DeLeo announced that Rock Night will be held on March 10th. Rock Night performances are by current P.S. 87 students (alumni cannot perform) and par- ents. They are currently looking for more parent musicians, back-up singers, and an audio engi- neer (the audio engineer would train for next year). Song submissions for Rock Night will be due the end of February and will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. 

Co-President’s Report 

As the third item of business, Cheryl provided the following reminders: 

• The Black History Celebration will be held on Feb 1st 

• The Pan Asian Celebration will be held on March 8th 

• Next Friday, Jan 25th is the 87th day of the school year (aka Spirit Day). Students are en- couraged to wear their P.S. 87 pride. The Gear Team will be selling P.S. 87 clothing in the lobby on Jan 24th and Jan 25th. Homemade gear is encouraged! 

• Family Fit Night will be held on Jan 25th from 6-8pm. This event is free. There will be ac- tivities such as yoga and dancing. Chop’d will be donating food for the event. 

• Safety reminder to all parents and caregivers at dismissal: be aware that children should refrain from playing ball until the school doors are closed. 

• We no longer have a permanent crossing guard at the corner of 77th and Amsterdam. The local police precinct, rather than the school, assigns crossing guards. Parents can call 311 to voice concerns and request a permanent crossing guard be assigned. 


As the fourth item of business, Katie and Megan asked parents to let them know of any connections to dance or movement organizations that have residencies in schools as they explore options for next year. The following upcoming enrichment assemblies and activities were announced: 

• Week of Jan 14th: NDI sessions started for Kindergarten 

• Jan 30th: Laura Ingalls Wilder show for 3rd and 4th grade 

• Jan 31st: Silver Music assembly (string quartet) for 1st and 2nd grade 

• Feb 1st: Soul Science show at Lincoln Center for 2nd grade 

• Feb 7th: Hip-hop assembly for 5th grade 

• Feb 13th: Ballet Hispanico 2nd grade student performance 

• Mar 5th and 6th: BioBus visits for 2nd and 5th grade 

A parent posed a question regarding the timing of the 4th grade ballroom dancing program. The ballroom dancing program will start in February, culminating in a dance recital in May. The exact dates are currently being scheduled. 

Principal’s Report 

As the fifth item of business, Monica reminded parents to continue being mindful of ball playing (soccer, basketball, etc.) during dismissal, and reported that there has been a noticeable, positive difference since the communications regarding Big Yard Safety have been issued. She also re- minded parents that students should be dressed to spend recess outside. There is no temperature limit for outdoor recess. Rather, there is indoor recess only held when it is too dangerous to play outside (e.g., slippery due to rain or snow). If students wish to wear shorts or skirts, they should wear tights underneath during the winter season and bundle up. 

Monica asked that parents applying for kindergarten next year be sure that their sibling is noted on the application (there is a change from last year’s application – it is a separate tab on the dash- board, rather than a question). Please contact Sandra with any questions, as she will be sending out a school-wide email later today. Monica also reported that all G&T testing has been completed, so please contact the main office if your child signed up for testing but was not tested. 


As the sixth item of business, Stacy reported that online Spring registration for Afterschool ends tomorrow (Jan 19th) at 11pm. The Spring session will start Jan 28th. She also announced that there will be a Family Fun Night (drop-off program) on Feb 8th. Tickets can be purchased on the website. 

Treasurers’ Report 

As the seventh item of business, Doug provided an update on the budget as of December 31, 2018 (see attached). He highlighted the following payments: the commission that Scholastic requires from the last Book Fair and the payment to Young Equipment for the new library shelves, the latter was funded from the School Improvement reserve. 


As the eighth item of business, Lelia and Peter Gerwirtz reminded parents that the Auction will held earlier than usual this year, on March 23rd. As the Auction raises a third to half of the PA’s budget, there are only 63 days left to acquire all donations for the Auctions. They currently have 35-40% of the expected donations. They urgently requested that parents donate – as little as a $25 gift card would be appreciated. Examples of a piano teacher donating a free lesson were given, where both the local business (free advertising to community of 670 local families) and P.S. 87 benefit from the donation. Additional volunteers are needed for solicitation and donation packaging. 

The class art projects for the Auction will be due March 15th. Lelia asked parents to send photos of children at school for the photo montage that will be playing at the live Auction. She reported that the catalog will be digital this year, rather than print, and that there are two new raffles: 

• Principal-for-a-Day will be a raffle rather than a live auction item 

• Auction Jackpot Raffle: a ticket will be issued for every 3 items donated and the winner of the raffle will get $250 to spend on any item at the Auction. 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:09am. 

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