PS 87 PA General Board Meeting – Feb 8, 2019


Attendance: Board Members: Jenny Licht, Rebecca Solano, Doug Creps, Shari Greenspan, Rachel Fink, Katie Miller, Melissa Donovan, Lisa Procopio, Nisha Lima, Dara Cremin, Isabel Vaz Pires, Stacy Cousino, Christine Li, Wendy Flagstad 

Guests: See attached attendance sheet 

Quorum was met Called to order by Jenny Licht 

Board Minutes As the first item of business, a motion was made to approve the Board Minutes from the January 2019 General Parents Association Meeting. The motion was approved. 

Auction As the second item of business, Christine reported that with 3 weeks until the deadline for Auction donations, we are at 58% of our goal for total donations. She encouraged parents to spread the word to solicit donations, specifically passes to health clubs, beauty spa treatments, etc. The Committee is also looking for a few more big ticket items for the live action event. She and Mon- ica reported that the Principal-for-a-Day raffle has opened. This raffle, rather than a live auction items as it was in past years, will allow more community members to participate. Tickets are $10 each (5 for $45 and 10 for $90). Flier will be students’ backpacks today. 

Principal’s Report As the third item of business, Monica reported that the school will be receiving additional monies from the DOE as the original budget deficit reported in September did not account for the updated number of students. This is not additional money than what was expected, rather it covers the previously reported deficit. She also announced that Pre-K registration has opened. 

Monica described the practice run-through of the State Exams (ELA and Math) for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. This practice test will help the students become more comfortable and familiar (espe- cially 3rd graders) with taking state test format and timing, and help the Administration and teach- ers determine the appropriate logistics for the test days in April. There will be 2 test days, deter- mined by the District (note PS 87 calendar has 3 days listed as the days for District 3 have not yet been determined). 

A parent posed a question regarding computerized state testing. Monica stated that certain schools have opted for computerized testing, but P.S. 87 does not have the equipment or band- width to support online testing. 

A parent posed a question regarding the Middle School Admission offer letters. Monica reported she was told the offers are expected to be sent in April; however they were previously sent in May. The offer letters will be sent via email as well as in the post. 

Co-President’s Report As the fourth item of business, Jenny provided the following reminders and updates: 

• Monica will be doing a workshop at the next PA meeting in March to discuss State Test- ing for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade – what to expect, tips on preparing your child, etc. 

• There will also be a State Testing workshop held by the DOE on Feb 28th at 6pm at the Joan of Arc complex. 

• The attendance at the Parent’s Night Out (cocktail party) was low this week. Next year, the plan is coordinate the Parent’s Night Out with the Afterschool Family Fun Night. 

Jenny and the Dual Language (DL) Committee reported to the PA on a concern that the new Chancellor’s Chief Academic Officer believes the only purpose of the DL program is to teach Eng- lish to non-English speakers, which puts the DL program in jeopardy at P.S. 87 and all District 3 schools. The PA will be sending an email to all parents to encourage them to reach out to the DOE and voice their concern. This is new definition of the DL program, in which only DL pro- grams with a certain percentage of English Language Learners (ELL) will continue. Neither P.S. 87 nor any school in D3 meet this new criteria. Her reduce support of the DL program is concern- ing and differs from the concerns voiced in September. A district-wide appeal is being made to save the DL programs, which build diversity, and cultural awareness. There was a discussion re- garding the positive affect DL programs have in the General Ed programs at the school, with re- spect to class size. In addition to the emails, P.S. 84 has established a petition. 

Treasurers’ Report As the fifth item of business, Rebecca provided an update on the budget as of January 31, 2019 (see attached). Per Monica’s announcement on the additional monies from the DOE, the 4th Galaxy payment will likely be adjusted. She also noted that Family Giving is down from the same time in the prior year. This may be due to the new tax laws around charitable giving. 

Afterschool As the sixth item of business, Stacy reminded parents that tonight is Family Fun Night (drop-off program from 6-9pm). Students in Afterschool programs can go directly to the event. Tickets can be purchased on the Afterschool website. Tickets are $35 a child. She also noted that they are accepting late registration for the Spring semester. However, you must register via email rather than the online form. 

Enrichment As the seventh item of business, Katie reported recent assemblies and performances have been well enjoyed by students: Laura Ingalls Wilder show for 3rd and 4th grade; Jan 31st: Silver Music assembly (string quartet) for 1st and 2nd grade; Feb 1st: Soul Science show at Lincoln Center for 2nd grade; Feb 7th: Hip-hop assembly for 5th grade 

Upcoming events include: BioBus visits for 2nd and 5th grade; Arts Power assembly for Kindergar- ten; Art Farm visit for 1st grade; Ballroom dancing for 4th grade (in March) 

A parent posed a question regarding the timing of the 4th grade ballroom dancing program. The ballroom dancing program will start in March, culminating in a dance recital in May. The exact dates are currently being scheduled. 

Rock Night As the eighth item of business, Bernie DeLeo reported they are still looking for more parent musi- cians, back-up singers, and an audio engineer (the audio engineer would train for next year). Song submissions (max of 2) for Rock Night will be due February 25th and will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. Parent volunteers are also needed for tickets and concessions. 

SLT Update As the ninth item of business, Kelly Ramos reported on the Student Leadership Team (SLT), which includes Parents, Teachers and Administration. The SLT tenets (as set by the DOE) are: Rigorous Instruction; Supportive Environment; Collaborative Teachers; Effective School Leader- ship; and Strong Family-Community Ties. The SLT works to set goals related to the tenets and develop and implement action plans. The SLT are currently focused on restoring Margaret’s Gar- den (Margaret Lerner was a former PA Coordinator and a garden was created in her memory). 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:21am. 

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