PS87 PA General Board Meeting – Apr 1, 2019


Attendance: Board Members: Jenny Licht, Rachel Fink, Rebecca Solano, Dara Cremin, Isabel Vaz Pires, Wendy Flagstad, Katie Miller. 

Guests: See parent sign-in sheet held by Officer Ayala 

Quorum was met Called to order by Jenny Licht 

Board Minutes As the first item of business, a motion was made to approve the Board Minutes from the March 2019 General Parents Association Meeting. The motion was approved. 

Principal’s Report As the second item of business, Monica gave the following update: 

– Kindergarten parents should have received an offer; Sandra is starting to register now – Middle school offers are going out next week through email and may also mail them out to your homes (admin can print the letter if you don’t get them via email or letter); PS87 learns of the offers the same day as parents – There’s an upcoming “Equity Conference” at PS87; Monica, two teachers and three par- 

ents will meet and create an “equity goal” for PS87 on June 10; as they learn more about the details Monica will reach out – The year is going by very quickly – next week is Spring Break and then we’re into May! 

The following questions were asked: 

Q: What is the timing for Center School admissions? A: Not entirely sure, but will reach out to confirm. 

Q: What is the timing for appeals? A: There will be a conference call this afternoon about it and she believes that the appeals proc- ess will be the week after Spring Break and hopefully details about it will be included with offer letters. 

Q: Is someone reviewing the offers to make sure there’s not a huge mistake? A: Monica said she hadn’t heard anything but think that they’re doing something to prevent a big mistake like what happened on the East Side. Monica knows that the middle school principals had an opportunity to preview the acceptances in their school and no one said anything 

Afterschool As the third item of business, Wilson informed the PA that fall registration for after school at 7am on Sunday, June 16 and will be open all summer. Payment plan will also be available throughout the summer. 

President’s Report As the fourth item of business, the Presidents gave the following update: 

– – The auction was amazing and thanks for Leila, Christine and Michelle for all of their work! 

– Broadway Night was also incredible and thanks to all the organizers! – May 10 is the next General PA Meeting and the elections for next year will be held then. 

Pam Unger is the election chair committee. If you want to run for a position email Pam and send a quick bio and then elections will be at May 10. The following people spoke about what their role on the board: 

o Rachel (Secretary) – take notes at the meeting, circulate agendas before the meeting and keep the record book.

o Dara and Isabel (Fundraising) – Organize Harvest Fest and Spring Fair; it’ll be very easy with manuals available for what to do and they’ll be there to help guide you

o Wendy (Community Affairs) – Attend CEC meetings in D3; it’s a great way to stay involved and be PS87’s voice in those meetings o Katie (Enrichment) – Megan Hoffman will be taking over as co-chair but she would love help; organize all of the assemblies and residencies; planned and op- erated with admin and teachers to make sure enrichment programs are coordi- nated with what is going on in the classrooms

o Melissa D (Membership) – would love a co-chair; share enthusiasm with incoming K families during the summer and during the year with other incoming families; a lot of it is over email; next year will work to improve the structure of welcome back events and drinks Katie also mentioned that at the June meeting there will be a presentation on the transition to Middle School (social-emotional component as well). It will focus on how to stay calm and orga- nized and be confident through the summer so there’s no anxiety around it. It will be focused around rising 6th graders, but any grades can benefit. 

Family Giving As the fifth item of business, Lisa noted that within the next few weeks start big push for popsicle party (which is where we raise the last chunk for family giving and hit goal for the year!). It’s more about participation rather than the amount donated; any amount donated helps the school. It’s especially important for class parents to help with this push. How active class parents are make a huge difference (participation rises from 30% to up to 90% when class parents are active). 

Treasurers’ Report As the sixth item of business, Rebecca provided an update (see attached). She also reminded everyone that the night of the Fiesta Latina will also be another Book Fair. There will be more adult options and more middle school options. 

Co-Presidents’ Report As the seventh item of business, Bernie mentioned that she’s looking for someone to take over Rock Night next year. There’s a manual and they can get together to go over it. It’s not that hard and it’s fun – so think of a friend to recruit! Rock Night tickets will go first out to the performers and then the student body. She’s also looking for volunteers the week of Rock Night in the morn- ing in the Big Yard and at after school pickup to sell “rock-n-roll gadgets”. 

Art Show As the eighth item of business, Jenny and Kelly mentioned the art show on June 5. It will be grades K, 1, 2 and 5 this year. There will be a committee formed with Lucy to help make the night a success (and if anyone is interested for next year too). It’s a really fun time and the kids love it! 

Grand Bazaar 

As the ninth item of business, Jenny reminded everyone of the Food Truck fest at Grand Bazaar this weekend on Saturday. They give a good percentage of money to PS87 – we get close to $30k, which is free money for us! It’s gotten much better. It’s great to go and support them. If they still need volunteers there is a sign up genius. 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:16am. 

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