PA Board Meeting Notes – May 10, 2019


May 10, 2019




Board Members: Jenny Licht, Cheryl Bennet-Davidowitz, Doug Creps, Rebecca Solano, Kim Hausmann, Shari Greenspan, Jen Hoke, Wendy Flagstad, Melissa Burnazian, Melissa Donovan, Lisa Procopio, Nisha Lima, Dara Cremin, Isabel Vaz Pires, Stacy Cousino, Jen Soch

Guests: See parent sign-in sheet held by Sandra Guirguis (voting sheets)

Quorum was met

Called to order by Jenny Licht

Board Minutes

As the first item of business, a motion was made to approve the Board Minutes from the April 2019 General Parents Association Meeting.  The motion was approved.

Family Giving

As the second item of business, Lisa discussed this year’s Popsicle Party Fundraising initiative. The initiative is focused solely on participation rather than the amount donated; any amount donated helps the school. It’s especially important for class parents to help with this push. While the dates are pending (likely June 14), any donation made to family giving in the 2018-2019 school year counts toward participation. The class in each grade with the most participation gets a Popsicle Party at the end of the year. Lisa also mentioned that parents should inquire as to whether their place of work has corporate matching for donation.        


As the third item of business, Stacy informed the PA that fall registration for after school at 7am on Sunday, June 16 and will be open all summer. The class schedule will be posted 2 weeks prior to registration.

Parent Association (PA) Elections

As the fourth item of business, the 2019-2020 PA Board election was held.

Sandra Guirguis, representative of P.S. 87 Administration, was present at the meeting. Jenny asked the floor if there were any questions for Sandra regarding the election and no questions were raised.

Pam Unger, Nominating Committee Chair, presided over the 2019-2020 PA Board elections. Refer to the nominations document (see attached[1]). Pam reviewed the election rules and requirements, and reported all nominees for all PA Board positions to the present membership. Pam called for additional nominations from the floor for any Board Position. As there were no additional nominations (non-competitive), per the Chancellor’s regulations, a voice vote (as opposed to a paper ballot) was held for all Board positions. The voice vote motion approved. All nominated roles were voted in. Parent sign-in sheets for purposes of the election are being held by Sandra Guirguis.

Treasurers’ Report

As the fifth item of business, Rebecca requested PA membership approval of three additional library shelving units, costing $3,400. While not specifically budgeted, there is a reserve in the budget for “School Improvement,” which will cover the additional shelving units for the library. The P.S. 87 Librarian and PA Library Committee believe that the new shelving units are of good quality and have researched that there are of a competitive price. All non-budgeted expenses over $500 requires membership approval. The vote was held to approve the funding, and the vote was approved by show of hands.

Doug provided an update of the budget as of April 30, 2019 (see attached). He indicated that the $8,900 expense in the School Improvement reserve fund includes the $3,400 for the additional shelving units. Doug also reported that the Galaxy payments to P.S. 87 will remain at $448,000 as the planned 4th payment is no longer needed (i.e., the payment was previously going to cover an extra cluster teacher, which ultimately was no longer needed based on the updated DOE budget for 2018-2019). Finally, Doug informed the PA that the annual audit was completed with no material findings (the auditor presented at the May executive board meeting). Any parent wishing a copy of the auditor report, please contact Doug.

Co-President’s Report

As the sixth item of business, the Co-Presidents presented the following:

  • Ask for all committees to send planned events for the 2019-2020 school year to Cheryl to add to the school events calendar
  • Starting in June, PA General meetings will be reformatted to focus on a specific theme. In June, the theme will be transitions and life skill hacks for tweens, focusing primarily for 4th and 5th grade parents but is open to all parents
  • Reminders on the grade-wide picnics planned for June
  • SoulCycle Wellness Fundraising event will be held on May 23rd at 8:30pm
  • Spring Fair is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st
  • The Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be held over the weekend (June 14th – June 16th)

Other Matters

As the seventh item of business, Bernie announced that Rock Night is today. There will be a raffle and Rock Night gear on sale. There was a lot of disappointment that the tickets sold out very quickly (along with some technology issues). Next year, Rock Night will be held on a Saturday and will have two shows (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

As the eight item of business, Sofia Lindeman presented a concern to the PA regarding the practice of withholding recess from students for various reasons (primarily as a form of discipline). A discussion was held with the parents present at the meeting regarding these concerns. The Co-Presidents communicated that this issue should be brought to the attention of P.S. 87 Administration to address.

As the ninth item of business, the following reminders were announced:

  • There will be an Auction pop-up shop held from Monday to Thursday next week
  • Everybody Reads Week was held this week – ask your kids about events held around the school

Meeting Adjourned at 9:35am.

[1] The nominations document shows no individual running for the Community Affairs position. At the meeting, Jill Rackman, was identified as the individual running for that position.

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