Earn Money For PS 87 While You Shop!

Here are some very easy ways to earn money for PS 87 when you’re shopping.

Modells is partnering with PS 87.  From now until 10/10, when you shop Modells, you can get 15% off your purchases and our school can get 5% back.  Just use the coupon below.

Modell’s Coupon.pdf ​​​​​​​

Fairway is a constant partner of PS 87.  Please use your Fairway Community Partners Card whenever you shop for groceries.  Give them to neighbors and Grandparents too! Before you pay, simply have your card scanned and PS 87 gets a 3% back of your purchase total. This money adds up! Even better, September 24, is our Double Dollars Day, doubling the PS 87 return.  Cards will be distributed at drop off this week, or grab one at Officer Ayala’s desk. 

Shopping on Amazon? This is another great way to earn money for PS 87.  Simply go to www.ps87.info and click on the amazon link at the top of the page.  And shop!  Don’t forget this link when ordering Halloween costumes and supplies!

Last but not least, our neighbors and partners at Toy and Stationary World on West 72nd Street.  At the register, tell them you’re PS 87 and they send us a portion of all sales.  

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