PS 87 PA GENERAL MEETING: June 14, 2019


June 14, 2019 8:43AM



Board Members: Jenny Licht, Cheryl Bennet-Davidowitz, Doug Creps, Rebecca Solano, Kim Hausmann, Shari Greenspan, Wendy Flagstad, Gillian Mollod, Melissa Burnazian, Katie Miller, Melissa Donovan, Lisa Procopio, Dara Cremin, Isabel Vaz Pires, Stacy Cousino, Lelia Brahimi

Guests: See guest sign-in sheet

Quorum was met

Called to order by Cheryl Bennet-Davidowitz

Board Minutes

As the first item of business, a motion was made to approve the Board Minutes from the May 2019 General Parents Association Meeting.  The motion was approved.

Treasurers’ Report

As the second item of business, Doug reviewed the budget as of May 31, 2019 (see attached). He indicated that this report does not reflect the income earned in June, which includes the Spring Fair, Book Fair and Family Giving collections from June. The June report will be presented at the next meeting in September. Doug also highlighted that the payment to Catherine Creps was related to purchasing of end of year Amazon gift cards (using our Smile account) for the Staff and Teachers. Doug asked for any questions from the floor, and none were noted

Doug explained that the PA Budget fiscal year starts on July 1, 2019, and therefore, the operating budget must be approved the PA prior to that date. Doug and Rebecca presented the proposed PA budget for 2019-2010 (see attached). During the presentation, Doug and Kim were identified as the Treasurers for 2019-2020, and Jackie Dolson-Shewchuk and Debby Saito were appointed as Assistant Treasurers for 2019-2020. Doug described the deficit budgeting approach taken by the PA, which allows the PA to sponsor more programing at the school while maintaining the reserves. Doug also provided detail description of the Galaxy payments, which are the payments made to Monica to supplement the annual budget she receives from the DOE to run the school. The floating 2nd grade assistant, for the classrooms with only one teacher, will be piloted next year. He also discussed how the reserves, including the restricted fund, are allocated.       

The floor was open to questions from parents:

Q: Does the Galaxy payment include payment for the nurse and/or school psychologist?

A: No, those two positions are covered solely by the DOE

Q: What is included in the Galaxy payment sub-line item “IT Support”?

A: This payment supplements what the DOE/school pays the individual (Edwin) who assists with school technology.

Q: What is Upper Grade Literacy Support / DL Coordination?

A: This payment supplements the resource (Jacqueline Morison) who supports the DL program, as well provides one-on-one assistance to students in the 4th and 5th grades.

Following a review of the proposed budget, a discussion ensued with the parents and Monica regarding the challenges of installing air conditioners in the auditorium and the gymnasium. 

A motion to approve the PA budget for 2019-2010 was made by Lora Martinez, and seconded by Lisa Procopio. The budget was unanimously approved by the PA through a show of hands.


As the third item of business, Wilson reminded the PA that Tuesday, June 25th is the last day of this year’s Afterschool program, and that Fall registration for Afterschool will open up at 7am on Sunday, June 16 and will be open all summer. The class schedule has been posted to the Afterschool website. Wilson also announced that Open House week for certain Afterschool programs will be next week.

A question was posed as to date (Father’s Day) and time that the registration will open. Wilson explained June 16 is when the fiscal period begins for the Afterschool registration system. In order to allocate funding to the 2019-2020 school year, registration must be held on or after June 16.  After discussion with the PA Afterschool committee, it was decided to move forward with June 16, as scheduling registration on a weekday can be challenging for many families, and the final weekend of the school year could also be problematic for some families.

Principal’s Report

As the fourth item of business, Monica addressed the PA to congratulate everyone on a success academic year and to wish everyone a great summer. She recognized the discussion, during the Treasury report, regarding interest in improving the school’s facilities and encouraged parents to actively participate in helping move those initiatives forward. She also mentioned that she is currently working with the DOE to finalize the school’s budget for next year.

Family Giving

As the fifth item of business, Lisa reminded parents that this year’s Popsicle Party Fundraising will end tonight (June 14th) at midnight. The initiative is focused solely on participation rather than the amount donated; any amount donated helps the school. The class in each grade with the most participation gets a Popsicle Party at the end of the year.

Co-President’s Report

As the sixth item of business, the Co-Presidents recognized Isabel and Dara on a very successful Spring Fair, and a sad good-bye to Rebecca, current Treasurer and former Assistant Treasurer, who will be leaving the school this year. They also reminded parents of the following:

  • The Spring Scholastic Book Fair will be held over this weekend (June 14th – June 16th). Today, Friday, June 14th the Book Fair will stay open late (until 8pm) in connection with Fiesta Latina. Rebecca asked for additional parent volunteers for set-up this morning and close on Sunday at 4pm.
  • Fiesta Latina will be held tonight at 6:30pm, and it will feature student performances, a live band and a pot-luck dinner
  • Cheryl asked for parent volunteers in September to help distribute bulk school supplies (purchased by the PA) to the classrooms. An email request will be sent in the late Summer.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30am.

Following the PA General Meeting, a one-hour workshop was held by Katie Miller and Zachary Gilman from Private Prep. The workshop was geared to 5th grade parents, however all parents were welcome to attend. The materials from the “The Middle School Transition” workshop will be posted on the P.S. 87 website for all parents to access.

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