PS 87 PA GENERAL MEETING: Oct 11, 2019


October 11, 2019 8:30AM 


Attendance: Board Members: Cheryl Bennett Davidowitz, Jenny Licht, Doug Creps, Kim Hausmann, Melisa Tezanos, Sejal Shah, Jen Hoke, Jill Rackmill, Gillian Mollod, Angie Arlia, Megan Hoffman, Jessica Stanco, Melissa Donovan, Nisha Lima, Lora Martinez, Amber Entenberg, Stacy Cousino, Michelle Brophy-Campbell, Leila Brahimi, Natalya Murakhver 

Guests: See attached attendance sheet 

Quorum was met 

Called to order by Cheryl Bennett Davidowitz and Jenny Licht 

Opening Remarks 

Cheryl welcomed everyone and approved the minutes from September GPA meeting. Amber Entenberg seconded. 

Administration Update As the first item of business, Barbara Kissane and Sandra Guirguis provided the administration update because Monica was out of town. 

Barbara reported that there was a school-wide assembly on P.S. 87’s Four Tenets this week. She shared that the Tenets are a key component in building the culture at the school and is hopeful the students will follow through. 

Sandra shared that there will be a Service Provider meeting Oct. 25th at 8.30 a.m. If parents have a child on an IEP, they can go to the meeting and meet service providers, ask questions, etc. 

Harvest Fest As the second item of business, Amber Entenberg shared that all was going well in the lead-up to Harvest Fest, including volunteer sign-up; however, they do need more volunteers for the Friday night/Sat morning set-up crew. She also shared that they added 10 more adult actor volunteer slots for the Haunted House and encouraged attendees to volunteer. 

Auction As the third item of business, Michelle Brophy-Campbell and Leila Brahimi shared that the P.S. 87 Auction will take place on March 28th, 2020. They reported that they are looking for volunteers and explained the importance of the event to the school’s fundraising efforts. They emphasized the need for great items and trips and encouraged attendees to tap their networks for donations from local businesses, Broadway Shows, Macy’s parade, or any other special connections folks might have. 

They also gave a brief overview of the class art projects that are auctioned each year and explained that each class will need a parent coordinator for their project. They encouraged any parents with artistic inclinations to reach out to Euna Kim, who will be coordinating the class projects for the school auction this year.

Co-President’s Report As the fourth item of business, Jenny and Cheryl reported that things were off to a great start this year. They met with acting District 3 school superintendent, Christine Loughlin. They were impressed with how proactive, warm and friendly she seemed at the meeting. They shared that Christine has a child going through the middle school process so she understands the experience other parents are going through in that regard. She understands that District 3 only has a few good middle schools and that they need to fix that issue. Overall, they reported that the meeting was positive and Christine seems focused on delivering for the students of District 3. 

Welcoming Committee As the fourth item of business, Bea and Jasmine reported that there will be two “Parents’ Night Out” events to welcome parents to the school and promote community building: a Moms’ Night Out on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at Da Capo on Columbus Ave, and a Dads’ Night Out on Nov. 21 at Blondies. They encouraged parents to look for additional info in Backpack News 

Treasurers’ Report As the fifth item of business, Doug Creps reported that the school earned just under $22K for the month of September. He explained that the Fidelity Money Market account showed an unrealized loss because, like with any investment, some months there is a gain and other times there is a loss. It is included in the report to account for the overall change to our bank balances. He also reported that PS 87 current bank balances are over $1 million. He shared that overall, PS 87 expenses are lower and income is greater than September 2018. 

There was a parent question about Amazon Affiliate income and Doug explained that the Affiliate income line in the budget reflected the Amazon program benefit. 

Family Giving As the sixth item of business, Lisa Procopio explained that 100% of Family Giving is tax deductible and explained the things the money goes towards. For example, the library, assistants in Kindergarten and 1st grade, computers, Boost Up literacy and math programs, the 4th grade trip to Philadelphia, Lice checks, recess monitors and enrichment classes. 

She also suggested that people ask whether their company supports corporate matching for school donations and explained the concept of “Giving Tuesday”. She also reminded parents that there is the option of joining a monthly payment program on the website so parents don’t have to give one lump sum. 

Afterschool Report As the seventh item of business, Stacy Cousino Introduced herself and said Spring registration will open in January. As in the past, registration will likely take place on a Saturday at 9 am. She reported that Family Fun night was a success and they had a strong turnout. She also reported that there will be a drop-off night in February, date TBD. 

A parent asked what the fees charged for the afterschool evening events are used for. Stacy explained that the money is used to cover cost of the events themselves, which are meant to build community, not raise money for the school or for the afterschool program. 

Community Affairs As the eighth item of business, Jill Rackmill and Polly Lagana reported that they attended the CEC meeting, which was focused on equity issues around District 3 and the recent report which suggested abolishing G&T programs in the city. Jill explained the city-wide nursing shortage with 302 open positions, meaning that certain days there isn’t a nurse at the school.

She encouraged parents to reach out to her and Polly if they ever have issues they would like them to raise with the CEC. A parent raised their concern about maintaining PS 87’s Dual Language program. 

The last thing Jill and Polly shared is that the CEC is looking to have more transparency with the chancellor and that Oct 24th is the date for the Middle School Fair at Joan of Arc. 

Communications As the ninth item of business, Jenny gave the communications update. She encouraged everyone to check out the new website and explained that BPN will be hard copy only every other week. 

Additional As the tenth item of business, Kelly Ramot reported that the Book Fair is coming up next month: Friday, Nov. 8 and then again from Tuesday, Nov. 12 – Friday, Nov. 15. She explained that Book Fair funds are divided equally among classes and the library. In the fall, P.S.87 will partner with another, less advantaged school in the district to participate in the Scholastic, “All For Books” program, which provides books to less advantaged schools. Kelly explained that parents can use “e-wallet” to pay for books at the Book Fair by going on-line and registering their credit card info. with a cap on how much their child can spend. She encouraged parents to use this approach as it is easier for the kids to use and faster for the book fair cashiers to process at check out. 

As the eleventh item of business, Sara Bonin reported that for the second year in a row, the Dual Language program is holding a coat drive to benefit the kids at P.S. 145. They D.L. program is also hosting a movie night with pizza and empanadas on Friday, Nov. 1st

Meeting Adjourned at 9:59 a.m.

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