SLT Meeting Notes – October 21, 2019


Kelly Ramot, Beatrice Yang, Angie Arlia, Jordan Kalus, Cindy Lachow, Barbara Kissane, Lauri Posner, Diane Berman, Sandra Guirguis, Monica Berry, Cheryl Bennett-Davidowitz, Kazue Takenaga, Michael Vanden Heuvel, Leila Brahimi



Introduce new members – Michael Vanden Heuvel was introduced as a new member to the SLT.

Approval of June and September meeting minutes – June minutes were approved. September minutes needed to be updated around the counts of teachers versus parents. Will be approved at the November SLT meeting

PA Update – Cheryl Bennett reminded the team of the upcoming Harvest Fest – the fall’s biggest fundraiser. Money raised for Dual Language committee’s Movie Night fundraiser on November 1, would be given to another school in the district to assist with books, etc.

There will be a change to how the food will be presented for the Parent/Teacher conferences on November 14th – more thematic presentation than a pot luck.

The Scholastic Book Fair would be happening before, during and after the Parent/Teacher conferences. This year the total amount received in gift certificates will be pooled and distributed to each class evenly.

PS 242 would be the book fair partner school.  

Principal’s Update – Monica Berry gave a budget update and notified the team that the school was under enrolled although a full report would come out on October 31st. 3rd grade numbers fluctuated more than expected. 6 first grade classes were projected but there are currently only 5.

Superintendent visit is still expected. Was projected to happen by end of September but did not occur.

Construction update – meetings with contractors at the Community Safety Meeting happens at 1:30 during the school day. Difficult to get much parent participation at that time but this should happen first. Then a UFT meeting should happen and the UFT meeting is the last step before work begins. UFT meeting is still pending as of 10/21/2019. Permits are being drafted and plan is still expected to start at the end of November. Request has been made by administration to have the project supervisor come to discuss the plans but no answer yet.

There will be 2 projects happening concurrently – one to fix the windows throughout the school and the other is to upgrade the boilers/radiators.

Also 77th and 78th Block associations need to be informed of the changes and the duration.

State Integration Grant – to help desegregate the schools. PS87 has been identified as a pilot school.

Social Emotional Grant – information about this program will kick off on November 5th. It is a 3 year program and PS87 was picked as a pilot based on the School Environment Survey score, which was 1.9.

Question came up about Boost Up metrics but those will not be provided until after all student assessments are done. Also there is intervention in classrooms prior to participants being selected for Boost Up program.

Review and discuss proposed changes to by-laws – Discussed and decided on inviting Grants Coordinators to SLT so they could notify the leadership team of grants that are available and which the group collectively thinks would benefit the school and students.

Also decided that Enrichment group should come to SLt once a quarter (with the Grants Coordinators) to give updates on budgets and initiatives that could help the school and students.

The teacher chair of the SLT was confirmed to be Diane Berman.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30. Agenda topics listed below this line were not addressed at this meeting.

CEP Update and Goals

New Business