SLT Meeting Notes – September 16, 2019


Kelly Ramot, Beatrice Yang, Angie Arlia, Jordan Kalus, Cindy Lachow, Barbara Kissane, Lauri Posner, Diane Berman, Sandra Guirguis, Monica Berry, Cheryl Bennett-Davidowitz, Kazue Takenaga

4 parents currently on board and three teachers. May need to have a parent stand down to have equal representation.

  • Introduction of new members
  • Approval of Prior meeting minutes – put off vote until next meeting

2019/ 2020 – SLT Dates –

October 21st

November 18th

December 16th

January 13th

February 10th

March 16th

April 27th

May 18th

June 15th

Principal Update –

Money set aside as there may be more children enrolling

One teacher excised

  • Diversifying – accommodate zone first, outside zone but within district, then outside district  – Out of zone children help with diversity
  • Current enrollment is ~860 – projected as 910. Next year’s projection will be based on the current enrollment. Pre-K children not included in the 860 number.
  • Middle school concerns seem to change the numbers enrolled – families move to ensure that older children have a middle school to attend
  • Building construction is still projected to happen – targeted for November but not confirmed. Waiting on permits before work can begin. Plans have not been shared yet.

            Garden on 77th side will be blocked off. Margaret’s garden may be delayed.

  • New Superintendent for District – Christine Loughlin scheduled to visit. She is interim superintendent.
  • Changes for middle school – no longer an appeal process for acceptances. Only wait lists. Done in hopes of being more transparent. Upcoming meetings and Middle School fair etc should clarify the changes.
  • CEP – review next month and adjust accordingly. iPlan – CEP is housed there. Send out a link to Leadership team to review ahead of next month’s meeting. Goals are tailored to every school. Every school has a Math and ELA goal. There are school specific goals – chronic absence, etc. Special Education – compliance and IEPs being done on time. 

PA Update

  • September 20th International Dinner Dance
  • K –Rep determined
  • 5th Grade rep – determined and first event will be on October 28th
  • December 3rd – Teacher Appreciation
  • Communications change – Backpack News every Monday instead of Thursday – Alternating paper copy with digital version this year
  • Digital BPN should go to admin
  • Not needed to go to pre-K because they are all siblings.

All Other Business

By-laws need to be updated

Meeting adjourned at 5:29 pm.