SLT Meeting Notes – January 13, 2020

In attendance: Angie Arlia, Diane Berman, Monica Berry, Leila Brahimi, Jenny Licht, Kelly Ramot, Lauri Posner, Jordan Kalus, Michael VandenHeuvel, Barbara Kissane, Cindy Lachow, Bea Yang, Barbara Kissane

December meeting minutes approved

PA Update – Cheryl

School Construction Update

  • School Construction Authority (SCA) coming on January 21st between 4:30 and 5:30 to take questions from faculty, parents and neighbors.
  • Encouraging all to send emails to central mailbox and BPN will have a notice on mailbox
  • All communications going forward should be funneled through BPN. Any blast emails that need to go out off of BPN’s publishing schedule should go out by either Parent Coordinator or PA Presidents.

Principal’s Report – Monica

  • Enrollment Projections: Monica shared that enrollment projections for school year 2020/2021 remain the same as 2019/2020 at 856 students.
  • School Construction Update continued: Once the SCA meeting happens on January 21st, the start date will be announced.
  • Temporary custodian has been identified with main custodian’s transfer to another school.
  • Custodian transfers happen again in April so we may have a full-time custodian then.

CEP Update and Goals – Kelly and Diane

  • Discussion about the current goals and how to obtain them
  • Our goals are to improve ELA and Math scores as well as to work on absenteeism.
  • Our takeaway is to think about what we want to achieve for the ELA and Math scores and how we will measure them. Examples are expected at the next SLT meeting.

No other business

5:30 adjourned