PS87 Backpack News: May 11, 2020

Hello, PS 87 families!

After taking a break in order to transition to remote learning, we are back with BPN and our book of the month. This month’s book, chosen by our 4th grade student council, is Be You, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.  

While we have our four tenets, I think we can all agree that at PS 87, we believe it is important to be true to yourself. Being yourself is something that we infuse into our teaching starting in pre-kindergarten. We value individuality, and appreciating, learning from, and respecting those who are different from us.  

All of the advice in Be You is important and helpful. However, I found that some of the advice was particularly relevant to us right now.  I have listed these points below.

Be connected – Be it FaceTime, phone calls or email, maintaining relationships with those who support and uplift you is very important. If there are people in our community with whom you would like to connect, look them up in our online directory at I’m sure they would love to hear from you!

Be OK reaching out for help – One way that we can connect with one another is to ask for help when we are struggling. This is a new situation for all of us. No one is an expert.  We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and skills we have. It is important that we recognize when we need help and ask for it, rather than become more frustrated or discouraged.

Be understanding – We all have quite a bit going on in our lives right now. Understanding that some people may be having a more difficult time than others is imperative at this time. It will help us to be empathetic and to support one another.

Be patient – Again, teaching and learning in a virtual school is new to all of us.  We are all learning to function in this new situation.  We all learn at a different pace. Be patient with your children, the school, and especially yourself. With both patience and understanding, the remote learning experience will be more positive for us all.

As I close, I want to thank the fourth grade student council for their thoughtfulness in their book choice. It showed me that they are still holding on to our community’s shared values, even if we aren’t under the same roof.  They also recorded a reading of the book for all of the classes in the school. I am so proud of the work they did.  

I am looking forward to connecting with you again soon.

Be well,

Principal Monica

PS 87 Online Town Hall Meeting

We miss our PS 87 community!

To help us stay connected in our new disconnected world, we are holding our very first online town hall meeting on Friday, May 15 from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. Monica will discuss the new DOE grading policy and answer any questions you have regarding remote learning. 

If you would like to join our town hall meeting, please fill out this google form by Wednesday, May 13 to reserve your spot. Please submit any questions you may have on the form. Monica will answer as many as possible. She will not be taking questions during the meeting due to time constraints. A link to the meeting will be emailed on Thursday, May 14.  

The meeting will be recorded so that those who are unable to attend will have access to all of the information shared.   

Monica, Kazue and Barbara

Chancellor  Updates 

The NYC Department of Education continues to post the latest information on learning from home here:

We encourage you to check back often for updates on school policies and protocols, additional home learning resources, as well as tips on staying healthy.

From Your PA Presidents

Updates since our last issue of BPN:

  • Direction from the DOE and District 3 has put PA decision-making activities on pause. No membership voting may be done at this time, and PA meetings are not being held right now. 
  • With the direction above, no elections will be scheduled until further notice. PA executive boards will likely be asked to stay on/extend their term through the summer.
  • As of now, PA elections will take place at the first PA meeting in September. There are a number of open positions, to be listed in the next issue of BPN. Given all the changes in the past few months, our school needs you more than ever! Please consider volunteering!
  • PA fundraising activities are also on “pause” until further guidance is sent out. No new fundraising activities will occur during this time.
  • We would like to hold community events and are seeking parent volunteers to spreadhead these efforts. Any and all ideas are welcome.
  • The DOE has sent out a notice about grading for the remainder of this year. Teachers will assess students as either “meeting criteria” or “needs improvement.” Please click here for the letter. 

PS 87 Auction: Thank You!

We’d like to sincerely thank all those who were able to participate in our online auction! Especially during this uncertain time, we are so humbled and blown away by the huge outpouring of care and support from our community! We exceeded our goals and now more than ever, we’ll need these funds to support our students and school! 

Also one last shout-out to all of the parents that gave their time and support helping us pull off this event. We are so grateful for your help!


Michelle Brophy Campbell & Leila Brahimi

What I Miss Most About PS 87

In the spirit of PS87 Strong, we are soliciting comments on what you miss most about One Family Under the Sun. Send your contributions to and we’ll feature them in our next issues.

Kindergarten Pre-Registration

Seems odd to think about September in the midst of sheltering in place.While September details are still being discussed, pre-registration for incoming Kindergarten students will be sent out from Sandra Gursguis as soon as she receives it. Information on how to apply to the dual language program will also accompany that notice. 

Revisiting Story Time

Please see below for some excellent resources to keep the magic alive during storytime. It will also give you a bit of a well deserved break from doing all the “voices.” 😉

And from local author Peter Ackerman:



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