Construction Projects Update – 8/18/20

Update August 18, 2020:

We know on top of the uncertainty around how and what school will look like this fall, many of you are wondering about the construction project which was previously put on hold due to COVID-19 but is now back on the list of projects moving forward. We wanted to provide a few key updates.

Boiler Room
The project will start with the installation of a temporary boiler on 77th street and a sidewalk bridge put in place to connect it to the school. Asbestos abatement will begin and expected to be completed on the installation of the temporary boiler BEFORE school starts. There is further abatement that will occur as they remove the old boiler system, but we do not have a date yet for that as they are currently focused on the initial installation.

Boiler Room Timeline
Wednesday (8/19) 7am-5pm – Prep temporary electrical connection and deconstruction prep
Thursday -Saturday (8/20-8/22) 7am-5pm – Abatement work in the boiler room
Monday-Saturday (8/24-8/29) beginning 7am Monday, ending 5pm Sunday around the clock – Abatement in the boiler room

As a reminder all work is done while an outside air monitor is on site to make sure that all work is completed as per the city and state regulations.

Windows and Roof
This timeline for the replacement of the roof and windows is not yet known as this part of the project was postponed due to COVID-19. At this time, the SCA (school construction authority) has received the site safety plan from the contractor and is awaiting approval. Once approved the project will be submitted to the department of buildings for permitting. The expected turnaround time on that is approximately one week. Once approved the full sidewalk shed and scaffolding will begin to be erected around the building. This will be the first visible signs of the project and we expect that to occur sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Please note that at no time throughout the construction project will there be construction workers in the building while students, teachers or staff are in the building. All work will begin after school and be cleaned up before the next morning when students arrive. We are working closely with the SCA on school start and end times which will be dictated by the upcoming DOE plans.

We hope you are all safe and well.

– PS 87 Administration and PA Construction Committee

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