Update from Bi Weekly meeting, September 9, 2020

The construction project has been put on hold again. There is no indication when it will begin again which means at this time no scaffolding will be erected around the building giving us more space on 78th street and in the big yard. This should allow a more smooth transition back to school.

Boiler Update
The permit for the temporary boiler was granted and the general contractor will proceed with the hook up of the temporary boiler. Once this is in place any further replacement work will stop as per the above.

Roof and Windows
No Update

The SCA has secured the sidewalk bridge and fence permits and will continue to move forward securing any additional permits required for the job even in the absence of work. Renewal of permits will be easier in the future when work can begin again.

HEPA Filters
As mentioned in our last update the BlueAir HEPA filters have been delivered to the school and are being installed in every classroom. Thank you one more time to Natalya Murakhver and Stephen Harman for spear heading this project.

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