PS87 Backpack News: December 14, 2020

Kids, Use Your Voice! Again!

Hey kids – your voices were heard! We loved seeing the results of your choices in December so we decided to do it again for January’s book! We present another Book of the Month election with books you suggested. It’s like a run-off election but with no requests for donations! You can vote for your choice (or write in a candidate book) on this Google form. We will collect votes until December 23 (the last day before the holiday break). We can’t wait to see what you pick for the first Book of the Month for 2021!

Family Giving – Support the PS 87 Parents Association

Dear PS 87 Parents:

To date, our Family Giving campaign has raised over $70,000 to support the important work of the PS 87 Parents Association. With the end of the year approaching, now is a great time to contribute and claim your 2020 tax deduction.  Remember, the PA is a 501(c)3 and all contributions are tax deductible.

Click here to make your contribution or here to contribute monthly.

We’re asking every family to contribute the $960 that the PA spends per student each year, or more if you can, but we are grateful for whatever you can afford, even just $1 a month. And if this year your family is in need and cannot contribute, please reach out to the PA or to Jennifer Stark, the school’s new parent coordinator. The PA is here to help ensure that every child has the same special PS 87 experience.


Ross Goldstein

PA Family Giving

Holiday Shopping Reminder – Give Back to PS 87!

In this pandemic year, holiday shopping has many new challenges.  If you are hitting stores this year, please shop locally and support our neighborhood.  Local retailers have been so good to PS 87 over the years, donating to our auction year after year.  In particular, Toy and Stationery World has been a partner of ours for many years.  Right now, our neighborhood businesses need our support as they have always supported us.

While shopping locally is very important to PS 87, we also recognize that many people are not comfortable going into stores at this time.  If you are already shopping on Amazon, please help PS 87 by bookmarking this link, and finding PS 87 on the charity list. You can also add this to your app so that when you shop, PS 87 will automatically be added under the smile program.  Please note, if you fill your cart and then press the link, it doesn’t work.  You need to be in the smile program before filling your cart.  Please pass this along to friends, family and neighbors!

Shutterfly shopping! If you are ordering holiday cards or gifts from Shutterfly, please use this link and PS 87 will earn 8% back on all purchases!

And when you’re tired after a long day of shopping, don’t forget our local restaurants and grocery stores.  In particular, Chirping Chicken has been one of the biggest supporters of PS 87 for many years and right now, they are struggling to exist.  If you’re not up for cooking, order in (preferably not through Seamless as they take a big cut) and tell them PS 87 appreciates them!

PS 87 Auction April 2021

We need YOU! We are seeking a new Corporate Sponsorship Volunteer.  Are you able to send a few extra emails each week? Ready for a meaningful project that will make a lasting difference for our students?  Volunteer today!

Responsibilities include:

1. Communication with corporate sponsors via phone and email.

2. Collaboration with fundraising and auction volunteers.

3. Potentially creating a team for this task.

You will be provided with contact information from prior sponsors. Please bring your enthusiasm and creativity to help PS 87 gain and maintain corporate sponsorships.  Please contact to volunteer.

Technology Needs Survey – Closes Today, December 14

We want to ensure that all of our students at PS 87 have the tools they need to learn at home. Please complete the technology survey today.  

And, if you have an old laptop or tablet that still works pretty well, please consider donating it. You can drop it off with Officer Ayala.

Student Survey About Online Learning – Closes Wednesday, December 16

The fourth-grade student council has created a survey to learn how our students are feeling about their current school experience. We are looking forward to sharing the results of the survey with the PS 87 community. Our hope is to use the results to improve your child’s online learning experience and make it more fulfilling and meaningful.

Please have your child complete the survey emailed to the email account.

We appreciate your time and participation.


The Fourth Grade Student Council

Family Survey on Afterschool at PS 87 – Closes Sunday, December 20

The PA would like to learn more about your family’s needs for Afterschool programming. Please fill out the Afterschool survey as soon as possible. We want to hear from as many families as possible. If you haven’t had a chance yet, it will only take 5 minutes (or less) to complete!

Click on this link to complete the survey.

Kindergarten Families – Meet-up and Pen Pal Program

Our first class-wide in-person playground meet up will be held on Saturday, December 19! 

The goal is to get to know one another, in a safe, socially distanced way before folks break for the holidays. We know that comfort with in-person meetups, even outdoors, is a deeply personal choice these days. This is a completely optional event to get to know kids and families in different classes and cohorts. We’re throwing in coffee and donuts to sweeten the deal! 

Here are the details:

Playground Meet Up – Saturday, December 19 

10 a.m.  at Classic Playground (75th Street and the River) – just north of the track at 74th street and the River (map here)

**Weather permitting (in case of rain we’ll reschedule)

If you want to volunteer to bring some warm beverages and/or snacks, please reach out to me! 

We’re also starting a pen pal program for the kids! 

Flex those writing skills and get to know friends. Plus, everyone loves getting mail. We’re going to do this in a way that’s very friendly for our emerging readers/writers – so the goal is that this is a light lift, not another “to do” for you. If you would like to sign up, here’ s a link to the sign up form. 

Your K-rep,

Jennie Sparandara

DOE/Community Updates

The NYC Department of Education continues to update the link below. Keep an eye on it for the latest information from the Department of Education.

Masks and social distancing reminder – let’s protect our community!

Let’s stay vigilant about wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance from others, both around the school and moving about the community. Follow the local data here.

Parent Advocacy

We will continue to inform you of meetings and events that could be helpful to our school community.  Please check out our Parent Advocacy resources page on the PS 87 website here.

Upcoming Events

Admin Drop-Ins

Meet with Monica, Kazue and Barbara during their office drop-in hours this week from 9:30 – 10:30. Ask them anything!

Cohort A – Tuesday, December 15

Cohort B – Wednesday, December 16 

Full Remote – Friday, December 18 

Parents’ Night…In – December 16

Hang out on Zoom with your fellow PS 87 parents.  Details to follow. 

Winter Holiday Cohort Caroling 

Come out and sing winter songs in the Big Yard!

December 18: Cohort B and fully remote kids and families

December 21: Cohort A and fully remote kids and families

January 2021 Events 

Community Conversations – Adult focused discussions about the world around us – locally and globally.

Family Book Club – Read a book as a family and join other families in conversation!

PS 87 Calendar 

14-15Cohort A – In School 
14SLT – 4:15- 5:30 p.m.
16-18Cohort B – In School
16Parents’ Night…In
18Winter Holiday Cohort Caroling – Cohort B & Fully Remote
21-23Cohort A- In School
21Winter Holiday Cohort Caroling – Cohort A & Fully Remote
24-1Winter Recess, NO SCHOOL
2Winter Recess Ends
11SLT – 4:15- 5:30 p.m.
18Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day, NO SCHOOL
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