PS 87 PA: Board Meeting Minutes, 1/13/21

General Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 1/13/2021

 6:00 – 7:05 pm

Type of Meeting: General Board Meeting

Important Dates: 

  • February Exec PA Meeting- February 3 at 7pm
  • February General PA Meeting – February 10 at 6pm

Meeting Facilitators: PA Presidents 

Board Members: Angie Arlia, Rita Kakati-Shah, Kim Haussman, Stacey Shapiro, Ian Wildenborg, Sara Loya, Carrie Weinrib, Marissa Curry, Ross Goldstein, Amber Entenberg, Lora Martinez, Emily Sabree, Regine Vincent Bonet, Bea Yang, Jill Rackmill, Erica De Piero, Megan Hoffman, Gillian Mollod, Michael Griffin, Natalya Murakhver, Jennie Sparandara, Robin Krugman, Gina Pisarcyzk, Stacy Cousino

I. Meeting Start (Rita/Angie)

Angie requested recording the meeting, permission to record after the 4th grade presentations; permission was granted by admin. 

II. 4th grade Student Council- Survey Presentation 

See powerpoint here: Student Survey Presentation .pdf

  • Created a survey to learn about students’ feelings about the year and online learning 
  • 142 kids completed the survey 
  • 4th Grade Student Council suggested having brainstorming/problem solving meetings for students who felt remote learning was too easy/hard 
  • Monica praised them for forming questions and thinking about the school population. 5th Grade Student Council will also be conducting a survey 

II. December General PA Minutes (1st and 2nd approval granted) 

III. Admin/ Committee Chair Updates 

a) Presidents update (Rita/Angie) and Afterschool update (Rita, Angie and Stacy)

  • Family Book Group starts 2/1 at 6pm. Community building event the first Monday of every month. Includes a read aloud by Dawnica. 
  • Holiday Cards and gifts for teachers were very successful. Teachers were very grateful.
  • Afterschool program had to be paused due to covid. PA will be posting a resource page of other virtual options for parents to access.
  • Call for parents to reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions as we consider what program will look like going forward.

b) Administration (Monica)

Report Cards/Grades 

  • 1-4 scale will not happen as in the past. No grades that are considered failing are permitted in the city. 1 and 2 will be replaced by “N” (needs improvement)
  • 4 means they are excelling at the standard. Not that they are above grade level.
  • 3 means meeting expectations and that they show proficiency in their work. 
  • NL Means there is not enough information to grade the child due to lack of work (remote issues for example). 
  • Academic and personal behavior section of the document will be written by the teachers to describe the child as a student. 
  • Access will be 1/29 online- you need a My Student Account to access the report card. 
  • Contact Jennifer if you need information on setting up an account. 

Change to Calendar

  • PS87 is short 18 teachers. We do not have enough Special Education teachers or in-person teachers. We have teachers who are doing both blended and remote. We also have teachers teaching multiple grades. Many doing “double duty.” This is not sustainable through June. We need to address burnout.
    • One solution is to add four fully remote days to the school calendar. 
      • All Wednesdays: 1/27, 3/10, 4/21, 5/12
      • This time will be used by teachers to create material and allow grade wide collaboration
      • For blended students it will be an opportunity to build community and see each other remotely. 

General Announcements and Questions

  • Admin office hours coming up next week 9:30-10:30am, Thursday and Friday.
  • Dual language parents please fill out the survey.
  • MS meeting currently in progress.
  • K applications are due 1/19.
  • Question about vaccine — Monica indicated that most of the staff have/had appointments.
  • Question about state tests — Monica said they have not heard anything. Waiting to hear from the new secretary of education once Biden admin takes over.
  • G&T testing is also in question. There has not been any direct contact from the chancellor’s office about it. This year’s testing will be in April.

c) Treasurers (Kim/Stacey) 

See Appendix with December report- no approval needed this month

  • 163K revenue mostly from fundraising
  • 85K Expense for Galaxy 
  • 30K Expenses (Supplies, PPE, office expenses)
  • 7K Expenses for Fundraising
  • Running at a surplus of 12K but this will change by end of the year
  • 1.1Million is total bank balance 
  • Reserves also remain unchanged

d) Middle School Update (Jill)

  • No metrics this year for admissions. Full lottery. 
  • Big changes and shake-up.
  • “1 year pause” of MS screening. 
  • There is a MS committee on the CEC who advocated for 25% of seats saved for specific kids. If you are interested in joining the committee please email Jill directly or community affairs. This is an important issue.
  • CEC meets once a month


  • Wednesday Walks are happening every Wednesday.
  • Community Service announcement – West Side Campaign for Thanksgiving went really well! 

Meeting ended 7.05

Appendix – December Treasury Report

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