General PA Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, 4/14/21

PS 87 Parents Association 

General PA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 4/14/21

 9:30 am – 10:40 am

Type of Meeting: General PA Board Meeting

Important Upcoming Date: 

  • Executive PA Meeting – May 5th at 7:00pm

Meeting Facilitators: PA Presidents 

Board Members: Angie Arlia, Rita Kakati-Shah, Kim Haussman, Stacey Shapiro, Sara Loya, Carrie Weinrib, Marissa Curry, Ross Goldstein, Amber Entenberg, Lora Martinez, Regine Vincent Bonet, Bea Yang, Jill Rackmill, Erica De Piero, Megan Hoffman, Gillian Mollod, Michael Griffin, Natalya Murakhver, Jennie Sparandara, Robin Krugman, Gina Pisarcyzk, Stacy Cousino 

I. Meeting Start (Angie)

II. Approval of Feb and March Minutes 

Feb 2021 General PA Minutes

March 2021 General PA Minutes

Carrie and Sara approved Feb and March minutes.

III. Committee Chair Updates 

  • Gratitude for Admin (Carrie and Sara) 
  • Administration (Monica and Kazue)
  • Mayor approved 3 foot distancing rule, so 5 days of instruction will begin on 4/26
  • Important dates:
    • April 20 – ELA Exam (Cohort A)
    • April 21 – Full Remote Day for all students
    • April 22 – ELA exam (Cohort B)
    • April 23 – ELA Exam for Remote Students (must take health screening)
    • April 23 and April 26 – picture days
    • April 26 – first day for full remote students switching to blended, letter will be sent soon with details
    • April 26 – first day of 5 day a week learning (5th grade date is TBD because of Nature’s Classroom)
  • Exam Dates:
    • ELA Exam Window 4/19 – 4/29
    • Matt Exam Window 5/3 – 5/14
    • Deadline to opt-in is 4/15
    • If you change your mind, the last response is your final answer
    • Parent questions/concerns:
      • Practice 
      • Compare to other students – not all students are taking, so not a good indication
      • Anxiety – not a good year for kids with anxiety to take it, less test prep than usual and kids may feel unprepared
      • Impact on MS – not used this year, but was listed on middle school application in the past
      • Can opt-in to any exam; don’t have to take all if opt into one
      • If your child is unable to take the exam on his/her scheduled date, make up dates will be scheduled the following week. 
      • For the math exams, dates will be assigned by grade/testing accommodations instead of cohorts. 
      • Separate location will be used: 
        • If only a few students are testing from a class 
        • For remote students taking the exam 
        • If a student needs a scribe 
        • If a student has testing accommodations that require a separate space. 
    • ELA Test is untimed, average time to complete is 60-90 minutes
      • Grades 3 and 4 – 3 passages and 18 multiple choice questions
      • Grade 5 – 4 passages and 28 multiple choice questions
    • Test prep for ELA
      • Practice bubbling
      • Be able to refer back to numbered paragraphs
      • Answer the question before reading the answer choices
    • Math Exam is untimed, average time to complete is 55-90 minutes
      • 3rd grade – 19 multiple choice questions
      • 4th grade – 23 multiple choice questions
      • 5th – grade  – 23 multiple choice questions
    • Test prep for Math 
      • Practice bubbling
      • Draw lots of pictures
      • Underline important numbers and phrases in the problem
    • Look online at Engage NY for more info
    • The NYC system was operating under the assumption that the tests wouldn’t happen so teachers didn’t teach to the test in the same way that they usually do; tests are often not a reflection of what kids know 
    • Can’t take the test unofficially
    • In the past, students who opted out of test had grades weighted more heavily
    • Written science exam in 4th grade, based on science they’ve had their entire schooling 
    • Domain-Level Blueprint, see Appendix A
  • 5 Days questions:
    • Parents can help with outdoor supervision, there will be a sign-up
    • School day will still be 9-2:30, may stagger dismissal
    • Meeting about 5 days a week next week (Wed?)
    • Kids won’t have to change teachers, just combining cohorts
  • Building closed for summer because of construction, no summer program  
  • Treasurers (Kim) – See Appendix B for March Monthly Treasurer’s Report
  • Shifting some items in the budget (e.g., classroom budgets)
    • Motion to increase teacher allocation from $500 to $750
      • No objections
  • Will propose a new budget in May with new information based on needs for 5 days a week
  • Revised forecast – changes to Galaxy budget
  • PPE costs lower than expected at this point in the year
  • Enrichment costs will start coming in during late April and May
  • Overhead costs are mostly from afterschool severance, etc. 
  • Bank balances and reserves mainly unchanged
  • Presidents (Angie)
  • Calendar Review
    • Picture days – individual pictures outside weather permitting, no class pictures, will make composite
    • April 27 – Culture Conversation event on zoom
    • Family Book Club – 1st Monday of each month with Dawnica and Jennifer Stark
    • April 24th “Fun-draiser” Update
      • Raffles, entertainment
      • Suggested donation is $87, any form of 87 is welcome
      • Still need an emcee 
  • 5 Days a week outdoor time
    • Need help monitoring kids who are on 78th Street – contact Angie and Rita if interested
  • Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd -7th
    • Reach out to Angie if interested in joining committee
    • Need a chair
  • Spring Campaign for West Side Campaign Against Hunger 
    • Info in Backpack News
  • Afterschool (Stacy)
    • New programs/partnerships (will run from April to the end of school year)
      • Togetherhood 
        • in-person in the park
        • pick up at dismissal
        • runs M-F 2:30 to 5pm
        • registration will be soon
      • Kids in the Game 
        • Tbd, originally planned to have separate cohorts, but that will change with all kids coming in 5 days on 4/26
  • Community Affairs (Jill)
    • Open elections as of May 1
    • Lot of people running – candidate forums are recorded
  • Enrichment (Megan)
  • Kindergarten and 1st grade – NDI is happening now
  • 2nd grade – Center Architecture is done
  • 3rd and 5th grade – Symphony Space is happening now
  • 4th grade – Hoping to start something with MOMA soon
  • Fitness Event (Sara)
  • Fun fitness event in the Riverside Park, not just for moms
  • Saturday May 1st or May 15th, will announce date and time soon

IV. AOB / Meeting Ends at 10:40

Appendix A 

Appendix B

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