PS 87 PA General PA Meeting Minutes – 5/12/21

PS 87 Parents Association 

General PA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 5/12/21

 9:30 – 10:30 am

Type of Meeting: General PA Board Meeting

Meeting Facilitators: PA Presidents 

Board Members: Angie Arlia, Rita Kakati-Shah, Kim Haussman, Stacey Shapiro, Sara Loya, Carrie Weinrib, Marissa Curry, Ross Goldstein, Amber Entenberg, Lora Martinez, Regine Vincent Bonet, Bea Yang, Jill Rackmill, Erica De Piero, Megan Hoffman, Gillian Mollod, Michael Griffin, Natalya Murakhver, Jennie Sparandara, Robin Krugman, Gina Pisarcyzk, Stacy Cousino 

I. Meeting Start (Rita/Angie)

II.  Approval of April Minutes (All)

April General PA Meeting Minutes approved by Carrie and Sara

III. Administration Update (Monica)

  • 5 days a week with 515 students! 
  • Everybody Reads week is happening this year
    • Authors will be coming
    • Special days will be communicated (PJ day, Find the Character Day, etc.)
  • Teacher appreciation went really well
  • Book fair went very well
  • Math and ELA is complete and went well; science testing is coming up.
    • Test scores will be available in the summer
  • Please do the school survey the DOE sends out
  • No date for graduation yet but it is in the works 
  • There is school on May 19th it will not be remote
  • No school on 6/3 and 6/8
  • Starting to plan for next year but there is a lot of info that is still not clear
  • Please let admin know if you are not returning 
  • Focus next year will be on building community and SEL 
  • There is a district-wide initiative to trial a new SEL curriculum 
  • Admin will have office hours on 5/19 from 9:30-10:30
  • DOE still not giving building permits but we can get permits for parks
  • Monica thinks permits will be allowed for AS in the fall but we need to wait and see

IV. Afterschool Update (Stacy)

  • Togetherhood and Kids in the Game are going well
  • Planning for next year is underway
    • Hiring a new director 
    • Stacey Shapiro will be acting CFO specifically for AS

V. Dual Language Update (Samantha Alvarez Benowitz)

  • DL has been on pause this year but hoping next year the program will continue
  • Program is open to students in every grade
  • Outreach is needed 

VI. Treasurers Update (Kim/Stacey)

  • See Appendix A and B for treasurer’s report and revised budget slides
  • $276K revenue mostly from family giving and a few other events 
  • Change in affiliate fundraising is from Spring Lake Day Camp
  • Expenses: Galaxy 80K, 59K supplies, PPE and office expenses
  • No change in fundraising expenses
  • Explanation of modified 2020-2021 budget to reflect changes due to pandemic
  • Afterschool budget of 100K loan from the PA to cover director salary and other legal costs to get the program up and running in the fall. 
  • Loan will be paid back over a 5 year period with interest. 
  • 2021-2022 Budget will be presented at the next meeting. Some things may not be known yet (permits, PPE, AS, etc) 
  • Vote on new budget to reflect taking down the expenses and the AS reserve 
    • 100% approval of May budget
  • Audit went well and we filed our 2020 tax return 
  • Ask for Co-treasurer for the fall 

VII. Culture & Community Engagement Update (Regine)

  • Meeting last night on racial equity went very well
  • More equity programing to come 
  • Next month culture and community will host a show

VIII. Community Affairs Update (Jill)

  • If interested in smaller class sizes for next year, sign the petition posted in the chat

IX. AOB / Meeting Ends at 10:30am

Appendix A: Treasurer’s Report

Appendix B: Proposed Revised Budget 2020-2021

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