About The Principal

Principal Monica Berry, grew up in Evanston, Ill. She earned her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College and did her graduate studies at the University of Texas. She currently lives in Brooklyn and became principal of PS 87 in 2009. Principal Berry has a background in education and was a former math teacher and coach. Growing up Principal Berry played softball, and in high school she was on the track team and threw shot and discus.

Monica Berry

Principal Berry says that the best part of being a principal is visiting classrooms to see what students are learning. She also likes brainstorming the best ways to teach students with teachers.

Principal Berry’s goal is for the students of PS 87 is to graduate being thoughtful, caring citizens. Of course, it’s important that all students can read and do math, but more importantly, Principal Berry wants to students to become good problem solvers, people who analyze the world, people who look at the world and say, how can I help to make the world better?

Principal Berry’s goals for PS 87 include:

  • Increase the school’s diversity
  • Do more global learning – through the use of technology, forge partnerships with other places in the world
  • Develop the arts program
  • Become a math powerhouse in the city