How to direct your concerns to the DOE and our Officials

As parents, we can and do have a critical role to play in advocating for the education of our children. Since many of the decisions that affect our school are made by our city-wide school Chancellor, Department of Education and Elected Officials, here are two effective ways to make your voice be heard:

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Write an email and send to all our officials

Simply send our officials an email with a brief summary of your position, on any education-related topic. Be sure to identify yourself as a NYC public school parent and constituent of District 3. For maximum impact, please copy all of our elected and DOE officials, provided below in a convenient “copy and paste” format.

**See bottom of page for the full names, positions and email addresses

You can copy and paste these emails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Register to attend the Monthly CEC Meeting

Parents are welcome to attend the monthly CEC (Community Education Council) meeting. This body helps shape educational policy for elementary and middle schools in our district, District 3. There are 32 CECs throughout NYC. Each one has 12 members, including nine parents selected by the district’s PA/PTAs, two members appointed by the Borough President, and one student selected by the Community Superintendent.

Click here for the calendar to upcoming meetings, which you must register, in advance, to attend.

PS 87 COVID-19 Report Card

See the updated COVID-19 Report Card for PS 87 on the website. COVID-19 positive data includes students, teachers and staff enrolled in the school district on-site and off-site.


If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions about community affairs / parent advocacy, please reach out to us, Jill Rackmill and Erica DePiero, your PA Community Affairs volunteers at

**Names, Titles and Email Addresses of Officials:

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza:,
Marisol Rosales, Manhattan Executive Superintendent:
Christine Laughlin, District 3 superintendent:
Gale Brewer (Manhattan Borough President):
Comptroller Scott Stringer (running for Mayor of NYC):
Governor Andrew Cuomo:
Mayor Bill De Blasio:
NY State Senator Robert Jackson:
NY State Senator Jose Serrano:
NY State Assemblymember Danny O’Donnell:
NY State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal:
NY City Councilmember Helen Rosenthal:
NY City Councilmember Mark Levine:
NY City Council Education Chair Mark Treyger:
Community Board 7 Chair Mark Diller:

CEC3 President Kim Watkins:
CEC3 general inbox:
Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)

The Panel for Educational Policy, or PEP, allows for parent involvement on a citywide level. Responsible for some of the most significant decisions affecting the education system, the panel votes on the Chancellor’s proposed education policies, including school co-locations and closings, DOE contracts over $1 million, Gifted and Talented programs, and the citywide school budget. The PEP also advises the Chancellor on general matters affecting the city’s school districts and its students.

The PEP includes 13 appointed voting members. Seven of these members must be parents of NYC public school children — one appointed by each of the five borough presidents, and two by the mayor. The remaining six members are appointed by the mayor and must be NYC residents, but not necessarily public school parents. The panel also includes two nonvoting student advisory members selected by the Chancellor’s High School Advisory Council. The Chancellor serves as a nonvoting member as well.

PEP members

Peter Calandrella
Geneal Chacon
April Chapman:
Isaac Carmignani:
Natalie Green Giles:
Michael Kraft:
Kathy Park Price:
Shannon Waite:
Deborah Dillingham:
Gary Linnen:
Lori Podvesker:
Vanessa Leung:
Thomas Sheppard: