Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Chart by Grade

ProgramKindergartenFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth Grade
(each assembly varies by grade based on content)
Ballet HispanicoYes
Ballroom DancingYes
National Dance InstituteYesYes


  • Ballet Hispanico works with our 2nd Graders to help enhance their knowledge of Latin culture, self-expression and dance.
  • Chess helps our 2nd and 3rd Graders to develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills, which they can transfer to real life, and has also been shown to increase test scores.
  • NDI (National Dance Institute) works with our Kindergartners and 1st graders to teach them the joy of movement and dance.
  • Jazz for Young People is an outstanding Jazz program through Lincoln Center that teaches our 5th Graders about the history and experience of Jazz.
  • Ajna Dance exposes our 3rd Graders to the exciting and culturally rich world of Indian Dance.
  • Ballroom Dancing is a creative outlet that allows our 4th Graders to discover and release their emotions and feelings through movement. They also learn how to be a strong partner, and finesse their mind – body connection through the challenge of learning extensive choreography.


Landmark West: Since 1985, Landmark West!, an award-winning non-profit, has worked to achieve landmark status for individual buildings and historic districts on the Upper West Side. Keeping the Past for the Future (KPF) is a school-based education program designed to foster in students a strong sense of engagement and responsibility towards their community through learning about local neighborhood history and architecture.  In past years, LW! has worked with PS87 teachers in grades 2-4 to provide interdisciplinary, multi-session programs (free for NYC public schools!) that use the built environment as a lens through which to study history, language, math, and art. All programs meet New York State Learning Standards and are customized to each classroom’s needs. 

Urban Park Rangers: Urban Park Rangers’ “The Natural Classroom” program is a 1 ½ hour program designed to expose students to the natural environment and different ecosystems of New York City. With each program, you and your students visit a New York City Park and take part in a series of hands–on activities led by an Urban Park Ranger. Thirteen distinct programs are available for students in grades K–8 and can be customized to fit specific needs of each group.


Assemblies vary from year to year. In the 2015-16 school year our students participated in the following assembly programs:

  • Traveling Lantern Theater Company
  • Galli Theater
  • Peridance Dance Company
  • Ajna Dance Company
  • Darius Wallace (Life of Frederick Douglass)
  • Ballet Hispanico
  • Thunderbird Dancers
  • Chinese Ribbon Dancing
  • BioBus
  • Aaron Nigel Smith Program at Lincoln Center
  • Art Farm
  • Urban Park Rangers

87 Chess Program

Chess in the classroom!
The chess program teaches your children all the rules of chess, while also imparting concepts such as position assessment, decision making based on observation and analysis, and strategic multi-step thinking that they can apply to other disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on the academics of chess, rather than competitive play.

Second grade learns the fundamentals: How the pieces move and capture; what check and checkmate and stalemate are and how they differ from each other; castling.  In short, by the end of second grade everyone should be able to play a full, legal game of chess. Some basic strategic issues will be covered.

Third Grade assumes that the above has been mastered by the student(s), but a review at the beginning of the year is the first order of business.  Then, they move on to tactical (attacking) considerations: The Pin, The Double Attack, Back Rank mate, The Skewer, Removing the Defender, etc.  All of these tactical/attacking ideas will be illustrated with the ultimate goal being Checkmate.  Higher strategic considerations (sound opening play, how to make a plan in the middlegame) are also on the docket.

PS 87 has won several trophies at various tournaments across the city.  To display these wonderful tokens, we now have a trophy case located in the lobby (just behind Officer Ayala’s desk).