Why does a public school need to fundraise? State and City budgets are based on meeting the minimal fundamental needs of our students. Our PA funds a number of critical educational components, including substitute teachers, professional development, supplies, and furniture, as well as many of the enrichment programs that benefit our children. Chess, health and wellness programs, ballroom dancing, recess coaches, and assemblies are only a few of the many things that exist at PS 87 largely because of the PA.

The PA uses a variety of methods to raise funds to support all of our programs at PS 87. The two single largest sources of funds are the Auction and the Annual Fund, which together are budgeted to account for roughly 80% of our annual fundraising efforts. The remaining monies come from events such as Harvest Festival, Spring Fair, Wellness events, Book Fairs, community events, affiliate programs, and online merchandise drives.

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The money raised is used in one of the following ways:
1. Enrichment Activities for Students
2. School Support (Teachers & Principal)
3. Family & Community Participation
4. Parental Involvement Programs
5. Wellness and Health initiatives

By regulation, the PA is required to vote on a list of fundraising events and the following were approved at the September General PA meeting.

  • Harvest Festival
  • Magazine and Gift Drive (online), school store, neighborhood businesses
  • Broadway Night (community event)
  • Picture Day
  • Election Day Bake Sale
  • Nature's Classroom - T-shirt sales
  • Raffles
  • Chess Tournament (community event)
  • Wellness Events (4)
  • Silent Ticket Auction
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Wine Tasting
  • Rock n Roll Night (community event)
  • Auction
  • Street Fair

While these events do raise needed funds for our school, we really think of them as community events that our parents and children will enjoy. None of these happen without the efforts of parent volunteers and we appreciate all your work! If you want to help out, please contact for more info.