Meals & Recess

Breakfast & Lunch

Check out our new and improved PS 87 cafeteria.  Beautiful wall murals, recently installed air conditioning, Styrofoam free trays are just a few of the upgrades made. Artist Derrick Little is responsible for the beautiful farm-to-table themed mural in the PS 87 cafeteria.

Any child may get breakfast free of charge in the cafeteria.  Early drop-off, whether or not for breakfast, is at 7:50am in the cafeteria.  Early drop-off is intended as drop-off. Parents are asked not to stay with their children during this time.

PS 87, along with 20 other city schools, partners with Wellness in the Schools (WITS), to ensure high quality food served in our school’s cafeteria. 

The lunch period includes time for eating and for recess. All children get 20 minutes of recess each day, which is scheduled alongside lunchtime. Grades 1 to 5 have 20 minutes to eat lunch (kindergartners get an additional 20 minutes), 10 minutes to transition from the cafeteria to the playground (or vice versa), and the remaining 20 minutes for pure play. 

Bringing Lunch from Home
Paper bags or soft lunch boxes are recommended for lunches sent from home. Glass containers, soda and candy are prohibited. Please label your children(s)’ lunch boxes and all containers so that the items may be returned to you in case they are lost. 

Allergy Precautions
You will receive other information from your teacher if your classroom needs to take allergy precautions for lunches you prepare at home. Notify your teacher and the school nurse in Room B34 at 212-678-2826, x4 of severe allergies prior to the first day of school. 
For more information regarding the Department of Education School Food Program visit this website for assistance.

Recess is outdoors whenever possible and children should be dressed for appropriate weather. Recently, we have partnered with Coach for Kids to conduct structured activities during recess.  You can read more about this program.  School aides supervise all lunch periods.  PS 87 parents can also volunteer to be recess monitors.  If you are interested in being a recess monitor, please send an email to

During inclement weather, students have recess in the auditorium. Indoor recess has been redesigned by segmenting the auditorium into areas on stage and in the “orchestra pit” where coaches will do fitness activities with those students who want to get up and move. Aides will supervise those who choose to remain in their assigned seats to talk and those who elect to go to the rear area, which is set aside for reading and drawing. Although outdoor recess is a preference, when there is inclement weather this approach will give students options to get moving.